Water Systems (EWSS)

The GTAContainers EmergencyWater Supply System (GTA-EWSS) isthe complete solution for the rapid deployment of all the equipment necessary to transportstore and distribute drinking water.

Designed and tested to US Military standardsthe system is delivered in durable wood cratesin which it can be stored for up to 20 years. The entire system can be set-up and operating within 2 hours,supplying potable water to victims of natural disasters or other causes of local drinking water contamination.

The system featuresthe “Crocodile”, a 4,000 gallon semi-trailer mounted flexible tank (SMFT). Thistank can be installed on almost any 40ft long flatbed trailer and has been tested for use at highway speeds as well as over rough terrain. The “Crocodile” issupplied with an auxiliary unit that features a 19HPDiesel Engine, a 175GPM Pump, a 240KW Generator and a heat exchanger that allowsthe unit to operate when temperatures drop below freezing. The “Crocodile” can either transport a full load or stop at distribution points along the route and dispense a portion of its capacity.

The basic system is also supplied with a 20,000 gallon static flexible pillow tank. Additional tanks can be supplied in any capacity up to 210,000 gallons. Optional chlorination units can also be supplied to maintain the quality ofstored water. The system also features auxiliary pumps, hoses nozzles and faucetssuch that water can be dispensed into plastic bottles or jugsfor residential use.

To facilitate the local distribution of water from the central pillow tank storage unit, the system also features 500 gallon flexible drums. These drums can be towed behind almost any vehicle equipped with a tow-hitch using the supplied yoke, which attaches to swivels on eitherside of the drum. These drums, which fold flat forstorage, can also be supplied in 55 and 250 gallon capacity.

Systems are configured to individual customer requirements. Depending on the ambient conditions and activity level, military guidelines call for an individual to be supplied with between 3.2 and 7.2 gallons per day. Each 20,000 gallon tank which is re-filled twice a day with ten trips of the “Crocodile” can be seen to supply the needs of 8,000 people with an average consumption of 5 gallon each.