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Advanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System

The Advanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System (AAFARS) is a modular, lightweight, portable combat refueling system designed for rapid refueling of forward-area military aircraft in support of deep strikes. The system was designed and developed by GTA Containers to U.S. Army specifications and requirements.

Refueling with the tactical advantage

AAFARS has a 240-gallon-per-minute pump that provides fuel to four fueling points at a rate of 55 GPM minimum at each point. AAFARS offers significant tactical advantage with its small size, light weight, high reliability, low noise, and ease of use. This rugged system is helicopter-transportable and soldier-portable. Assembly in 20 minutes and tear-down in 30 minutes have been demonstrated in the field.

AAFARS’ key advantage is the ability to be flown in under a transport helicopter.

D-1, CCR, and Gravity nozzles are provided for refueling of practically any aircraft or ground vehicle. Other key features include multiple fuel capability that allows it to run on the same fuel as is being delivered to the aircraft or vehicle, and electric start capability with manual pull start back-up. The recirculation feature incorporates a pressure control valve to mitigate shock when nozzles are closed.

AAFARS features:

  • NSN 4930-01-495-0024/GTA-FARE-01
  • Modular, man-portable 4-point refueling system, CCR, D-1 and gravity nozzles
  • Rapid, dependable combat refueling (55+ GPM per station)
  • Lightweight, small size, helicopter- transportable, air-droppable
  • Optional unisex dry-break couplings to make AAFARS environmentally friendly. Drums transported with supplied sling.
  • Complete system may be sling loaded …inside the single Bi-con container.

AAFARS performance overview

Performance parameters Specifications
Rated flow 55 GPM min. @ 4 points simultaneously
Pump 240 GPM max., self-priming, centrifugal.
Recirculation Cleans fuel that can be inspected prior to dispensing.
Filtration Meets API 1581 requirements @ 300 GPM
Coalescers Meets API 1581 requirements @ 300 GPM
Engine 17 HP, air cooled, 2-cylinder diesel
Starter system 28 VDC electric start w/manual back-up
Fuels JP-5, JP-8 and diesel.
Noise output Hearing protection required (85dBa @ 30ft.)
Fire extinguishers Qty (5), 20 lbs. dry chemical
Standards MOD DEF STD 17-11/5.1.2 and ATPD-2294


  • Hose couplings: 2″, 3” and 4″
  • Fuel source: requires qty (2), 500 USG connected
  • Fuel bladders IAW ATPD 2295 Class II, Type III
  • Nozzles: qty 4 each D-1, CCR and over-wing type


  • Operating temperature: -25°F to +120°F
  • Storage temperature: -28°F to +160°F
  • Low Velocity Air Drop (LVAD), Helicopter Sling Load (HSL)
  • Fuel Filtration EI-1581 6th Edition

Size and weight

Pump module 28.00″H x 36.25″W x 45.50″L 182 lbs.
Battery module 13.15”H x 15.00” W x 19.21”L 72 lbs.
Filter separator 24.00″H x 20.00″W x 55.00″L 173 lbs.
Defuel Pump 7.62″H x 20.50″W x 18.00″L 18 lbs.
System Bi-con 96.00″H x 96.00″W x 117.75″L 6750 lbs. (complete system)