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Aerial Bulk Fuel Delivery System

Refueling with the tactical advantage.

The Aerial Bulk Fuel Delivery System Bladder (ABFDS-B) is a high-performance fuel bladder configured for in flight transport of all fuel types. The bladder may be connected to a suitable pump to supply fuel to the aircraft inflight.

The GTA-ABFDS-B tanks are constructed to meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-DTL-83833. The GTA tank is tested to 10psi and constructed to withstand 9G down and 3G laterally. The GTA tank is very light weight and features a proprietary innovative baffle system to reduce the surge during take-off and landing. The tank may be used partially full and is restrained by adjustable ratchet straps. The extreme puncture resistance of the GTA tanks and high G-loading ability give it survivability in a crash. The tank is supplied with a repair kit for immediate repairs of small and medium caliber holes.

The GTA tanks may be installed on platforms such as the Type V or directly on the aircraft floor. Tank sizes available for CH-53, MH-47, MH-60, C-130, C-17, and C-5.

ABFDS-B Features:

  • 500-5,000 USG Capacity
  • Rapid installation by (4) operators
  • Sustained G-load, 3-9G.
  • Working pressure 5psi, 10psi max pressure
  • Operating range -50F to 140F
  • Pressure Fuel servicing adaptor std. 3” camlock or unisex, or 4” camlock filler/discharge connections optional.
  • High-capacity air eliminator to 600 GPM
  • High-tech proprietary load transferring baffle system
  • Optional pumping system available.