Super Drums

Super Drums

GTA Super Drums are constructed of light weight materials that are flexible and collapsible. Used for storage and transportation of fuel, drinking water, and other liquids, GTA Super Drums exceed all US Military specifications. Highly mobile and rugged, they may be rolled, towed, floated, lifted by helicopter and dropped free-fall from 15ft / 4.572m. GTA Super Drums are HSL (Helicopter Sling Load) and LVAD (Low Velocity Air Drop) tested and approved for use by the US Military.

Manufacturer: GTA Drum, Inc., 
Cage code: 8A8A5
Standard Sizes: 55 gal (208L), 250 gal (946L), 500 gal-Long (1893L) and 500 gal-Short (1893L)

NSN: GTA manufactures Super Drums for all water and fuel drum NSNs. Contact GTA for specific applications.
Specification: Exceeds all US Military drum specifications: Mil-D-43699, Mil-D-23119, ATDP 2295
Construction: GTA Super Drums are constructed of high-tech polymeric material having high puncture and tearresistance, weather resistance, usable in temperature ranges from -67F (-55C) to 160F (+71C). GTA Super Drums are hermetically sealed and non-venting to prevent contamination and explosion risk. The GTA Super Drum liner is formulated such that it does not react with fuel or impart any taste or odor to drinking water.

Testing: Every drum is subject to 6 PSI air pressure leak and 30 PSI hydro pressure test.
Color: Standard color is black for fuel drums and sand or tan for water drums.

Length x Diameter in Inches (filled)
Length x Diameter in CM (filled):
Empty Weight Max:
55 gal
34.5 x 23.5
87.6 x 59.7
30 lbs/13.6kg
250 gal
60 x 40
152.4 x 101.6
140 lbs/
500 gal-Short
60 x 55
152.4 x 139.7
500 gal-Long
62 x 50
157.5 x 127.0

Performance: Since inception in 1988 GTA has had 0% tanks and drums rejected and 100% on-time delivery.