GTA Drum

GTA Drum

Primarily these collapsible drums are used for the storage & transportation of fuel, drinking water, fluid food products etc..

Use as Flotation devices (surface or submerged - e.g., for the construction of the temporary bridges), pneumatic lifting jacks, pneumatic ship fenders, underwater storage of fuel supplies etc. are other applications where these drums can be used.


Highly mobile and rugged: may be rolled, towed, floated, lifted by helicopter and dropped free-fall(15ft./4.572m.), or with parachute. Empty drums collapse to 10% of their original volume, thereby allowing for the transportation of additional cargo on return trips, and easy storage.

One 250 gal. drum=5 steel drums in capacity...the GTA drum takes up even less space when it is empty.


Meets or surpasses all U.S. Military specification and standards; the inside surface of the potable water drum meets U.S. Food & Drug Administration requirements and, per specified testing, will neither impart odor chlorinated water to an intensity greater than threshold odor No. 2, nor will it impart taste to an intensity higher than threshold No. 4.

Two types of drums are available: the standard drum, constructed of rubber coated fabric, and the GTA Superdrum, constructed of high-tech elastomeric coated fabric. The GTA Superdrum is significantly lighter and yet even more rugged and durable than the 
standard drum.
1.5in x 10ft. filler/discharge hose assembly with quick connect fittings reduced to terminate in 1 in. nozzle; operation and maintenance manual provided.
Black is standard color for fuel drums, sand, chip #30277 is standard for water.
Standard Sizes
55 gals (208L.), 250 gals (946L.) and 500 gals (1,893L).
Each drum is subjected to rigorous testing including a 30 psi hydro pressure test.

One drum and accessories per wooden crate or corrugated box.
Constructed of polymer-coated fabric having high puncture and tear resistance, weather resistant in temperatures from -40F to 160F (-40C to 71C)