Tank Gauging System

Tank Gauging System
Fuel and Water Tank Gauging

Description: The fuel and water tank guaging system is designed to monitor and record the contents of flexible fuel and water tanks with capacities between 3,000 and 210,000 US Gallons. The Tank Guaging System integrates with all manufacturer's tanks regardless of fabric type.

Manufacturer: GTA Containers Inc.

Cage Code: 1YFX5

Part Number: GTA-TGS-01

Detailed description:

Designed and built to exceed the requirements of MIL-PRF-32278B, the GTA Tank Guaging System (TGS) provides an economical solution to the challenges of monitoring levels in flexible fuel and water tanks. The guage uses state-of-the-art position sensing technology to provide an accurate and repeatable output. The calibration process determines the unusable amount that cannot be scavenged by suction from the tank in your particular installation and accounts for this amount seperately. 

The device is easy to retrofit to existing installations, monitors multiple tanks, provides alarms to alert to over filling and to unexpected or unauthorized reductions in volume. The GTA system is intrinsically safe and has no wires inside the tank and no added tank penetrations.

GTA is the leader in the manufacture of flexible tanks and has over 20 years of experience in their safe and reliable operation. This experience enabled GTA to solve the issue of volume compensation due to changes that occur due to everday loading, daily heating and cooling cycles and the long-term weathering of the tank.

The guage has two modes: Mode "A" provides the fastest set-up and operation in which the gauge is used in conjunction with the original tank manufacturers "strapping chart". Due to individual installation variables this provides limited accuracy and a lack of ability to compensate for tank construction parameters. In Mode "B" the tank and gauge are calibrated in place together and compensation is made for the particular fabric type. Calibration does not require the user to disconnnect the tank lines so regular re-calibration can be made, if required. It is recommended that the gauge be recalibrated at the same interval as the other tank farm dispensing meters.

Gauge output may be read in gallons (or liters) at the current fluid temperature and is also indicated with the output corrected to standard conditions. Measurements is made in real time and displayed at each tank with a momentary push button, there is no requirement to allow for conditions to stabalize. Data is recorded at each tank and may be transferred to the central computer by wireless or hard wired connection or downloaded to a portable data logger.

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