Tank and Drum Repair Kit

Tank and Drum Repair Kit

Permanent Repair Kit

Made for permanent field repair of Fuel and Water Tanks and Drums which were constructed from Polyurethane, Nitrile Rubber or Noeprene Rubber. Each kit is sized for one major repair or up to three smaller repairs.


GTA Containers Inc.

Cage Code: 1YFX5

Part Numbers:

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Polyurethane fabric fuel and water drums or pillow tanks
Nitrile Rubber fabric Fuel drums and pillow tanks
Neoprene Rubber fabric Water drums and pillow tanks


Each kit contains:

Selection of coated fabric patches ready for use
Cleaning solvent
Mixing cups
Mixing sticks and rags
Disposable gloves
Emery Cloth
Marking Pen
Hand Tools: Roller and Sticher
Instruction manual
MSDS sheets
Leak-proof shipping container